Miriam Brouwer

Canadian National Endurance Track Cycling Team

@sixdaycycling Manchester gets underway tomorrow! Very excited to race at the British Cycling home track against some of the top female track cyclists in the world. Special shoutout to @trekbicyclemanchester for loaning me this sweet Madone SL6 to use for warmups over the next few race days. They hadn't even seen my @cycleryracing kit, but managed to match the bike perfectly. πŸ“Έ @maggiecoleslyster - cant wait to hold hands with you soon πŸ‘­

After one final, stunning ride from Girona, I was this happy to be heading home. But first, I get to spend an unplanned night in Dublin. Made the most of it and got to experience some Irish night life. Looking forward to heading home tomorrow! #canadiangirl

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It's been a while since we last rode bikes together! It seems we just need to get out of Ontario to make it happen ❀ From my very first training camp til now, @tascha_gray let's not wait quite so long to do this again!

While most of you know the cycling side of my life, you may not know that I also have a career as a speech language pathologist working with adults with acquired communication disorders due to brain injury or other neurological changes. #BellLetsTalk and the movement to end stigma associated with mental health is so important for people with communication difficulties. Communication, in whatever form or language it takes, is our primary means of getting and staying connected in our communities. Did you know that up to 60% of brain injury survivors report having no friends outside of their families and paid caregivers? This isolation, accompanied by other risk factors following TBI put people at a very high risk for developing mental health disorders. Make 2020 a year about taking action, and being kind to people, whether they have identified as having a mental or physical health challenge or not #bekind #mentalhealth #traumaticbrainunjury #speechpathology

And just like that, the world cup season has come to an end. Huge thank you to the home crowd, friends and family who cheered us on over the past four days. What an incredible feeling, taking home a medal in the team pursuit and racing my first world cup madison on our home track. Could not have done this without all of you and the support of sponsors, @cyclingcanadaofficial and coach @jetrew Excited to keep learning and growing with this incredible team, the focus and determination just grows stronger with every opportunity! Feeling so grateful! #thefutureisbright

Team pursuit from start to finish; get off the line, calm first pull, pain face second pull, drive to the line, and celebrate with your teammates on the podium! So happy to take home my first world cup medal with this dream team! Now onto race the Madison tonight! πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ #hoponcanada #twcmilton #hometrackadvantage

Exploring the streets of old Geneva with @mark.brouwer Sites that were integral in the protestant reformation in the 1500s. We toured St. Pierre cathedral, the church of John Calvin after he fled France. The bell towers offered fantastic views of the surrounding city and mountains.

A great end to a full weekend of racing at the Canadian national track cycling championships. It was such a privilege to race the Madison with @steroordaph tonight, and to have some family cheering on in the stands. Thanks to @cyclingcanadaofficial for a great event, and @neworldcycle for loaning a set of race wheels. Thanks coach @jetrew for being around all weekend and keeping all of us going.

Nothing quite like a sunny Sunday ride with this guy ❀