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2018 Season Updates

Here we are, well into 2018, and the season is taking shape. I'm sure there will be some adjustments as the year unfolds, but I finally feel like I have enough of a handle on it to provide updates :) 

As I'm sure you have all gathered, I am back in pink, returning to The Cyclery Racing team in 2018. With a large contingent of track cyclists on the team this year, I decided I had better try something new and up my track game. In December, I was able to join up with the Women's Next Gen Development team to learn the ins and outs of the team pursuit. 

Having spent very little time on the track leading up to this (maybe 1 drop in session?) It was a steep learning curve! Thankfully I had some of Canada's best teaching me the ropes. 

One week in, and I even tried my hand a some track racing. Its a different beast than road or cross racing. I obviously have lots of room for improvement, but you never get good at something unless you are willing to be bad at it first. (thanks for the photo Rob Perry) I can imagine that there might be more of this in my future...

This year I have been fortunate enough to receive funding from Global Relay's Bridge the Gap program. This is an amazing fixture in Canadian Cycling, that provides much needed financial support for athletes who are breaking into the professional cycling scene. Thanks so much to Global Relay for developing and growing this program over the years! 

With the season quickly approaching, keep your eyes out for race updates! The first scheduled appearance will be Alabama Cycling Classic on April 7&8, and I can't wait to get things started. 

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