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Climbing hills, enjoying the California Sights

Mostly just pictures from today, I need to share a little bit of the beauty we witnessed on the roads. 

Mark and I headed out from Temecula this morning, we drove south a little bit, so that we could hit Palomar mountain, one of the biggest climbs in this area. 

We rented a mini van for the week, not exactly driving in style, but it does make it easy to transport the bikes. Mark is almost ready to join the mini van club :) 

No limit on the incredible views today! The oranges are ripe and being harvested. They must be good, as we regularly saw orange peels on the road while riding today. 

It was great to ride in the kit of my new team, Rise Racing. The Jakroo gear is so comfy! Anyone looking for new kit, this is the way to go!! We will even have some team kit coming up for sale in the next few months, if you want to fly the Rise racing colours. 

Here is Mark at the top of Palomar, he had to wait for me at the top for a while. No keeping up with this guy! 

At over 5000ft of elevation, we were right up in the clouds at the top. 

When we got back to the Merkle's, our lovely host Shari had dinner waiting for us! Including homemade cherry and apple pie for dessert! 

Tomorrow, we will be hitting the coast! So excited to ride along the Pacific. 

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