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Ocean Views and Coffee Rides

Day three in beautiful Southern California, ocean views, bike shop visits, and coffee stops. 

Today was a bit more of a relaxed pace out on the roads. Just under 140 kms, all on bike paths and bike lanes! 

Riding along the ocean, we went through Oceanside, Carlsbad and Encinitas, where we visited Nytro Cycling shop, because its legendary and they had a Cervelo P5X in the window. 

The day was mostly cloudy, but we got about half an hour of almost sun. Sun or not, the views are hard to beat. 

This is Oceanside, we took a break on the pier to watch some surfers. They were out in full force today! So many of them. 

On our way back through Encinitas we made a mandatory coffee stop. 

Ok, last few pictures, these are the sights that we decided were worthy to stop for a picture. Guess who stopped for the Bronco, and who stopped for the 'Bird of Paradise'

Ok, time to watch the Superbowl with Lee and Amanda, and maybe do some stretching. 13.5 hours on the bike so far since arriving! 

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