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Relaxing in Redlands

The last few days have been spent doing a bit of training and race course reconnaissance, and a whole lot of relaxing and taking in the beautiful California sunshine. 

We have been spending time at local coffee shops, and today we made a visit to a local school to chat about racing at Redlands Bicycle Classic. They were excited to meet some real, live Canadians, especially because they were having a Terry Fox run after we left. 

Jamie and Karlee showed off their bike-handling tricks and skills. 

It has been a really cool transition for me, coming from Silver City desert, to California oasis. Some of the most interesting changes are; the different vegetation here, so many flowers and tall trees. Also, you sweat here! In the desert, you get salty, but because of the dry air, all of your sweat evaporates pretty much immediately. I realized this climbing Oak Glen yesterday, when I reached the summit and my bike's top tube was wet with sweat. Lastly, being just outside of LA, the pace of life is much faster here. People are busy, they have places to go, there is traffic, the downtown is bustling. 

Here are some of the little things I have been enjoying over the last few days.

Loquats are a fruit that is native to China, and also grown by "California rare fruit growers". There is a loquat tree in the backyard of our current host house. There are also a dozen chickens, two dogs, and a tortoise, living back there. 

The two teammates who are here with me are both excellent cooks/bakers. Over the past few days I have enjoyed sharing in their culinary creations including homemade sourdough and shakshuka (a middle eastern dish with eggs poached in a tomato sauce).

And of course, the riding here is absolutely phenomenal! 

Best enjoyed with teammates! 

Next up for us is the Dana Point Criterium, another stop on the USA Pro Road Tour, and then, Redlands Bicycle Classic p/b San Manuel Band of Mission Indians! 

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